An ode to Mummy

Remembering Mummy

Remember the title song of that classic Hindi movie of yesteryear – Chhoti Si Baat (A little thing)?

an ode to mummyNa jaane kyun? Hota hai ye jindagi ke saath,
Achanak ye man, kisi ke jaane ke baad,
Kare phir uski yaad, chhoti chhoti si baat…

(I don’t know why this happens in life,
But suddenly, after someone has gone away,
The mind begins to remember… every little thing… )

The context of the song may be different, but those lines spell out my thoughts so perfectly. It’s been a decade without Mummy, yet I’ve never stopped remembering every little thing about her. I still remember the smallest things she did for us, her children, out of immense love.

Towards the end of her life, she seemed to be getting more tired with each passing day, and yet she never tired of praying for us, her grown-up children, till the day she died. Through her prayers she fortified our efforts as we fought life’s battles, and strove to stay on the right path.

Remembering Mummy, remembering those many ‘little’ things she did to make my world better, fills me with conflicting emotions – nostalgia, and gratitude, but also stirrings of remorse. Why remorse? Because I remember how, when I was younger, less wise in the ways of the world, and too smug for my own good, I had taken her for granted, made light of the many things she did, perhaps shrugging them off as things every mother does for her child, and thus devaluing what she did out of love.

remembering-mummyI thought my sentiments could best be expressed in verse. So I tested out my rusty poetic skills and attempted a poem, something I’ve not done for donkey’s years.

My words could be echoing your own thoughts and those of many others, and this could well be an ode to all mothers. But still, I hope “An ode to mummy”, my humble tribute to a wonderful mother, will move you to express your love for your Mom, whether she still walks this earth or is in a better world. (Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts. That would be great!)

Today I remember

Today I remember…
A mother so gentle,
Unassuming and kind.
Moments of rage?
Not one comes to mind.

I remember…
Her limitless patience,
Her capacity for work,
Often toiling overtime,
For no reward or perk.

I remember…
Her words of solace,
Her hand on my head.
And when I hurt her,
The tears that she shed.

I remember…
How she gave till it hurt,
Expecting nothing in return.
Her children’s wellbeing,
Her only concern.

I remember…
Her prayers for our safety,
Wherever we were.
Her wishes for our happiness,
Heartfelt, sincere.

I remember…
Her courage as she aged,
Not a frown on her face.
Her sweet, dimpled smile,
Her dignified grace.

I remember…
The silver in her hair,
The pain in her heart
As she tended to our dying Dad,
Without falling apart.

I remember…
Though alone at the end,
She had done her best.
Safe in God’s arms today,
Her soul is at rest.


Rest in peace Mummy.

The moving Neil Reid Classic: Mother of mine. Enjoy… and remember.

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8 Responses to An ode to Mummy

  1. Isabel Soares Rebelo says:

    Querida Veena
    Um grande abraço de sentidas condolências pela perda de sua Mãe .
    Compreendo bem a sua dor … pois já passei também por essa situação.
    Mas, a vida tem de continuar e ficam as boas memórias da permanência delas junto de nós.
    Isabel Soares Rebelo

    • Veena Patwardhan says:

      Obrigada Isabel. E aceite minhas condolências também sobre a perda de sua querida mãe.
      Por favor, perdoe quaisquer erros…

  2. Jennifer Webber says:

    Dear Veena, I love your post! I was also fortunate to bask in the love that she bestowed on friends of the family. One of my everlasting memories of your mum was her standing at the balcony to wave to me, until I walked out of sight, long after Cynthia had left for the US. I visited both your parents regularly, then only mum after dad passed away. She had so much affection for everyone.

    • Veena Patwardhan says:

      Thank you Jennifer, for the appreciation and sharing your memories of my Mum. When I remember our growing up years I also remember what wonderful people your own parents were.

  3. Hortencia D'Souza says:

    Veena, your Ode to Mummy was very touching! It brought back all the wonderful things each of our Mums have done for us selflessly till the very end! Your poem ‘Today I Remember’ is beautiful and your sentiments are so well expressed.

    • Veena Patwardhan says:

      Thanks for the fulsome appreciation Hortencia. Yes, we all need to remember our mothers, and I remember your own loving and warm-hearted Mum whom we affectionately still refer to as Consu Aunty.

  4. Sergio says:

    A moving tribute, Veena. No-one can forget a mother. God bless all mothers!

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